EZNEC Pro+ v. 7.0 Updates

EZNEC Pro/2+ and Pro/4+ v. 7.0.3 are now available. This revision enables, for the first time, the inclusion of wire insulation in models when using an external NEC-5 calculating engine. This capability is not built into NEC-5 but is available only when running NEC-5 with EZNEC Pro+. No modification of or update to NEC-5 is required.

It wasn't possible to include the modeling of lossy insulation (non-zero loss tangent) with NEC-5, but this typically makes very little difference with common types of insulating material.

For a detailed description and analysis of this modification, see the comprehensive posting by Dan Maguire, AC6LA at 'EZNEC now does insulated wires with NEC-5' by AC6LA.

v. 7.0.3 also corrects a bug when doing frequency or SWR sweeps with the NEC-2 calculating engine. The particular conditions under which the problem occurred is described in the Updates page.

Previous revisions of EZNEC Pro+ v. 7.0 can be updated to v. 7.0.3 by downloading and running either the full program installer or the appropriate update installer. Neither requires uninstalling an existing copy of EZNEC Pro+ v. 7.0, but EZNEC must be closed while running the replacement or update.


EZNEC Pro/2+ v. 7.0.3 full program installer

EZNEC Pro/2+ v. 7.0.3 update installer

Important note: The EZNEC Pro/4+ full program installer requires a current EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0 installation or the previous purchase of an earlier version of EZNEC Pro/4, and the number of downloads is limited. These are explained at the information link below. If you have a currently installed EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0 program and have reached your download limit, you can upgrade to v. 7.0.3 by using the update installer.

EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0.3 full program information

Important note: The EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0.3 update installer will not run unless you have a previously installed EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0 program on the machine. It does not contain the full EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0 program and it will not convert EZNEC Pro/2+ to EZNEC Pro/4+.

Note: The following situation is uncommon but has happened: If you have, for some reason, installed EZNEC Pro/2+ v. 7.0 after you last installed EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0, the update installer will report that it found EZNEC Pro/2+ and not Pro/4+, and refuse to run. The solution is to run the full program installer of any revision of EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0, after which EZNEC Pro/4+ updates will run. There's no need to first uninstall EZNEC Pro/4+, but I recommend uninstalling EZNEC Pro/2+ before running the EZNEC Pro/4+ installer, since there's no advantage to having both program types.

EZNEC Pro/4+ v. 7.0.3 update installer

Click here for more detailed information about v. 7.0.2 and 7.0.3 updates.