EZNEC v. 5.0 for Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8
Demo Program Information

Please Note: EZNEC and EZNEC+ v. 5.0 do not function under Windows 95 or NT4.0. All other 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems are supported: 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

With the EZNEC v. 5.0 demo program, you'll be able to see exactly how EZNEC v. 5.0 works, what it does -- and doesn't -- do, and how it's used. That's because it's a full EZNEC v. 5.0 program with all features and complete on-line manual. The only difference between the demo and standard programs is that the demo program allows only 20 segments, which limits the complexity of antenna you can analyze. (EZNEC v. 5.0 allows 500 segments, and EZNEC+, 1500.) EZNEC v. 5.0 maintenance updates, when issued, can't be applied to the demo, but you can update the demo program at any time by downloading and installing the latest revision. Note: The demo program doesn't include the several additional features of EZNEC+.

Even with the 20 segment limit, the demo program does a very respectable job analyzing a two-element quad, two- and four-element phased vertical arrays, simple Yagi, W8JK, and many other antennas -- including ones you create from scratch. You'll find it interesting and educational, and you'll get many useful tips about antennas and modeling from the extensive on-line manual.

Give it a try. It has no time limit or other restrictions, and it's free!

Note: The EZNEC v. 5.0 demo won't update or interfere with EZNEC ARRL, which is an EZNEC v. 3.0 or 4.0 program. If you have EZNEC ARRL v. 3.0 from the 20th Edition of the ARRL Antenna Book you can update your EZNEC ARRL program to the latest revision (3.0.59) by clicking here to download, then installing the EZNEC v. 4.0 demo. If you have EZNEC ARRL v. 4.0 from the 21st Edition, you can update it to the latest revision (4.0.40) by clicking here to download, then installing the EZNEC v. 4.0 demo.

System Requirements

         Click here to download the EZNEC v. 5.0 demo program (~5 MB)

        Click here for more information about EZNEC v. 5.0

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